new project initiated ...

see you through the eyes of your best friend ...

The self-awareness has never been shaped by desires for self-optimization as it is today. As individuals in this downward spiral we are on the best way to lose ourselves completely.


(SC) has therefore initiated the project "see you through the eyes of your best friend".


For people who love us or are very well-disposed towards us often see us completely different. Very often they just love most the part that we love least.

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In this project, (SC) interacts through the following steps:

Meeting you and your best friend or partner.

Interview (with recording or without recording) of this person what she/he likes best about you.

Photoshooting with both or just with you

Reflection with your best mate until one or more "optimal" images are reached.

Elaboration and transfer or linking to the stored interviews


 Are we looking forward to seeing and accepting this view?

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